Why Video?

Today’s sales cycle typically starts with a digital introduction - text on the screen. But what makes you different? Without careful interpretation, your text is practically a duplicate of your competitor's. We want to help your business reach its goals. Think back to just a few years ago, you simply just needed a website, but today you need video content to truly engage with your audience. With increases in camera and streaming technology, getting your message in front of the customer has never been easier. From the first impression to relationship building all the way to customer loyalty and retention All About Home is here to help.

All About Home helps business owners and sales professional, who understand the importance of growing trust with their audience, clients and prospects. People do business with companies they know and trust.

As there is so much competition in the marketplace today, how do you really separate yourself from everyone else? What really makes your technology, product or service different? First, you need to tell others your WHY. Then you need to be seen in different ways on different days.

If people like you they’ll listen to you, and if they trust you they’ll do business with you. The goal isn’t to create TV grade video, rather the objective is to establish trust and connection. Video is absolutely the best way to fast track setting yourself apart from the crowd. You quickly show value and become relatable.
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