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Window Winterization Tips

Window Winterization Tips

One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and prevent leaks and drafts is to thoroughly seal your windows. For windows that don't open or parts that don't move, the material of choice is caulk. As you start your search for a caulk, you'll... [read more]

By All About Home 3-7-2018

Quick Car Winterization Checklist

Quick Car Winterization Checklist

Have your Battery Checked-Cold engines have more trouble turning over in the winter.Typically, a battery loses 33% of its power when it is below freezing.So, if a battery is already displaying signs of not wanting to start, the chances are you will end up with “dead” battery when... [read more]

By All About Home 2-26-2018

Do You Have Spalling Concrete

Do You Have Spalling Concrete ?

Concrete spalling or flaking is concrete that has broken, flaked apart or become pitted. Often, this condition is a result of the environment or a bad installation. Don’t be fooled, it can be so much more than just a cosmetic problem. For example, it can and most likely... [read more]

By All About Home 1-30-2018

Wintertime Home Energy Conservation

Wintertime Home Energy Conservation

There are a whole lot of ‘right’ reasons for being energy-conscious; for desiring to minimize our carbon footprint on this great green and blue sphere we call home. Are there any wrong reasons? No, not really, but considering the topic may move you to ask yourself, “Self, am... [read more]

By All About Home 11-22-2017

Is Your House a Home

Is Your House a Home?

No matter who we are, we are all searching for rich, satisfying lives. Often, we search high and low, near and far, putting our money and time into anything that promises a reward. But, we might be overlooking a treasure that is right in front of us. It’s what... [read more]

By All About Home 10-10-2017

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